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Upcoming Designation, Certification and Specialty Courses

Sharpen your skills to navigate today’s marketplace by attending a Georgia REALTORS® Designation or Certification course! 

* Asterisk denotes course is eligible for a GAR scholarship


ABR - Accredited Buyer's Representative Core Course* 

Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR) Designation*: Course goals are to educate & prepare buyer's reps to provide the kind of service & fidelity to buyers that sellers have always enjoyed, & offer methods for building your buyer representation business. Course Modules create a comprehensive guide to help you become an effective, efficient and profitable buyer's representative. To find more about the requirements for the ABR Designation, go to


AHWD - At Home with Diversity*

At Home With Diversity® is an educational opportunity designed to present a picture of the changing face of the real estate industry to real estate brokers, agents, association executives, and anyone associated with the industry. The class teaches real estate professionals how they can increase their sensitivity and adaptability to future market trends. It addresses issues of diversity, fair housing, and cultural differences. Participants will learn practical skills and tools to expand business and effectively service all cultural groups.

The At Home With Diversity Course teaches REALTORS® how to:

  • Assess and understand attributes of diversity in local markets and their impact on the real estate industry 
  • Understand basic competencies to earn the confidence of potential buyers and sellers, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, handicaps, familial status, or national origin 
  • Build a business plan that minimizes risk and successfully services all types of clients

Fees for GAR Members are discounted $100 by GAR in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act. 

For information on GAR's 2018 Annual Conference, click here.

CCT - Client-Centric Training* 

The CCT combines two designation courses, at a discounted price. It includes the Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR) Core Course and the Seller Representative (SRS) Course. (You also have the options of registering for only one of the two courses.) For detailed information about the CCT (and the ABR and SRS courses within it) click here. 

When you successfully complete this course, you will earn either 24 hours of Georgia Continuing Education (CE) credit (GREC Course Code 63529) or 25 hours of Georgia Salesperson Post-License credit (GREC Course Code 63528). At the class, you will indicate your credit choice. 

BRUNSWICK - Hosted by the Golden Isles Association of REALTORS®: October 15-16 AND October 22-23, 2018 

Details and Registration:


CRS - Certified Residential Specialist - Zero to 60 Home Sales a Year and Beyond*

Do you dream of selling 60 homes or more per year, but aren't sure where to begin? Whether you are looking to jumpstart your business or just starting out, this one-day course led by certified CRS instructors will focus on what?s involved in taking your sales from "zero to 60" and how you can create a plan to turn your sales goal into reality. Learn new methods for marketing and bringing in a continuous flow of business and discover techniques for positioning yourself as the REALTOR? of choice in your area. After attending this informative and engaging class, you will walk away with the knowledge and tools you need to immediately form and execute an action plan to maximize your profits. After attending this course, you will be able to: 1) Develop an effective plan to sell 60 homes (or more) a year, 2) Create a continuous stream of referrals, 3) Build an effective team to support your plan. 

For information on GAR's 2018 Annual Conference, click here.


e-PRO® Certification Course - Two-Day NEW Course* 

The first day of the program provides high-level digital marketing theory, with practical suggestions for its consistent implementation. You will examine the modern consumer and discover how to capture and convert these prospects into clients. You will dive into an overall online marketing strategy that includes how to use content to engage consumers. 

Day 2 is about data privacy and protecting your clients and your business. Day 2 aims to educate real estate professionals and associations about the importance of data privacy and security as well as how to develop data privacy policies and procedures and fulfill legal responsibilities created by a data breach.



GRI - Graduate, REALTOR® Institute*

The GRI designation is a mark of distinction that earns a REALTOR® respect and confidence from their peers and the general public. Graduates are recognized nationwide for competence and expertise. Combine the two GRI Core Courses of "Risk Management" and "Skill Building" and earn Sales Post-License credit instead of CE credit for each individual course. 

PMN (WCR) Effective Negotiating for Real Estate Professionals*

This course will give you tools and tactics to improve your effectiveness in any negotiation to consistently facilitate the best outcomes for your clients, even under pressure. You'll discover and practice techniques for client counseling and advocacy, as well as the art of influence and persuasion. In addition to the principles and phases of effective negotiation, topics include dealing with deadlock and difficult negotiators, multi-party negotiations, cultural influences and the role of electronics in today’s connected world. Also counts as an ABR and GRI elective.



RENE - Real Estate Negotiation Expert 2-Day Certification course* 

This 2-day Course is an interactive experience to help negotiators elevate their game so that negotiators can provide effective results for their client. The 2nd day of the course focuses on real-world field scenarios to help negotiators apply the power tools, techniques and tactics learned on the first day.  Understanding the tactics and techniques is one thing, but learning how to recognize them being done and using them effectively requires practice. These field scenarios provide the foundational experience and practice negotiators need to master so they can effectively advocate for their clients.

Bonus!  This course is recognized as an approved elective for the ABR, CRB, GRI, and SRS designations!  

SRES Seniors Real Estate Specialist 2-Day Designation Course* 

The SRES® Designation program educates REALTORS® on how to profitably and ethically serve the real estate needs of the fastest growing market in real estate, clients age 50+. By earning the SRES® designation, you gain access to valuable member benefits, useful resources, and networking opportunities across the U.S. and Canada to help you in your business.


SRS - Seller Representative Specialist 2-Day Designation Course*

SRS is the premier designation conferred by the SRS Council, LLP recognizing real estate professionals who have successfully completed the two-day core course, covering marketing, prospecting, listing, CMAs, staging, assessing the viability of taking a listing, etc. 

Certified Real Estate Team Specialist (C-RETS) - Understanding and Leveraging Teams - 2-Day Certification Course*

 June 22-23, 2017 in Atlanta (at GAR) - Instructor: Rich Hart

This course helps team leaders:





      GREC Georgia Instructors Training (GIT)

      Georgia Instructor Training

      The Georgia Instructor Training (GIT) is designed specifically for Georgia Prelicense Instructors. The two-day training is offered by the Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC) to comply with Rule 520-3-.04(1).

      Prelicense Instructors are required to attend the GIT prior to being approved by GREC as a prelicense instructor.

      The GIT is approved for 12 hours of real estate CE credit and 7 hours of appraisal CE credit. The GIT is conducted by the Georgia Real Estate Educators Association (GREEA) in part through an education contract from the GREC Real Estate Education, Research and Recovery Fund.

      For more details, dates and to register, go to

      Please note: This course is NOT eligible for a GAR Scholarship.


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