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If you have taken a course through GAR and you were required to take a test as part of the completion of the course, your grade will be posted in your GAR record. To check your grade:

1.   Go to the GAR registration website,

2.    Click on “Login” located near the top right of the page.

3.    Enter your username and password. Normally, the username is your NRDS# (membership ID number) and your password is your last name, all lowercase letters.

4.   Look on the left-hand side for "Your Account."  Click on "Your Event History."

5.   On the history search page, you can just click on the "Search" button to show all class registrations under this profile. You can enter in search criteria before clicking "Search" to narrow the results down, but this is not necessary.

6.   Your class will appear below with the grade beside it.  If the grade is "N/A", grades have not been posted for this class. Check back at another time.  Please allow at least a week after the class before calling the GAR office.

PLEASE NOTE: The credit hours showing on the page that provides your course grade are the available regular CE credit hours in the GAR database – it will not show the correct number if you are receiving sales post-license credit for that course. This number is for our database only. To verify what’s in your GREC license record, go to For steps on how to check your license credits, click here.

7.    Questions? If you still have difficulty finding your class, or have set up multiple user profiles, contact Amy Asher at  (678) 597-4135 or Chrissy Campbell at (678) 597-4124 for assistance.


If you have taken a course through GAR and you need a course receipt and proof of completion for your GAR Scholarship application, simply PDF your Event History page (see above) and upload it into your online GAR Scholarship application.  The Event History page includes the course name, date, grade, and payment information.

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