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How It Works


You may sponsor a class through GAR if you are a:

  • Local board association executive (AE)
  • Local board president
  • REALTOR® company broker
  • Real estate-related organization



Step 1 
Search for an available course or search by instructor. Once you have decided what class you want to offer, contact the instructor to work out a class date/time. 

Step 2 

Once the instructor and you have agreed upon a class date and time, complete an online course request. If the course is a regular Continuing Education (CE class), click the “Partners in Education Request” link. If the course is a designation or certification course, click the “Designation Course” link. 

Step 3 

An "Instructor Request Submitted" confirmation email will be sent to you. 

Step 4 

GAR will send an instructor agreement to the instructor. This agreement must be signed and returned to GAR. Otherwise, no continuing education (CE) credit will be available through GAR and the class will not be scheduled. 

Step 5

Once the instructor agreement has been signed and returned to GAR, you will receive a "Class Approved" email and GAR will post the class details at (unless a sponsor requests otherwise). A link to create your flyer will be sent to the sponsor in the "Class Approved" email. In additional the "Class Approved" email will have a link for the PIE Sponsor Resource Page for you to download the handout, the instructor bio and other documents as needed. 

Step 6

The class is official and you may begin advertising the class. In addition, you may begin accepting class registrations if you are handling that process. Otherwise (if requested), registrations will be accepted on



For a "What is PIE" flyer, click here.

For a brief summary of the PIE Program, click here.  

For more in-depth information on the PIE Program, including the Course Sponsor Administration Manual, click here.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Professional Development Department (, 678-597-4135.

For facilitator information or to become a GAR Certified Facilitator, click here or contact the Professional Development Department (, 678-597-4135.