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2017 Annual Conference CE Session Descriptions

Your Safety is Non-Negotiable – The Beverly Carter Story
Instructor: Carl Carter
Carl Carter, son of Beverly Carter, delivers a powerful presentation on Realtor® safety that only someone with his background and experience could deliver. His story and presentation is an impactful combination of harrowing details involving his mother’s story and practical industry anecdotes and takeaways. Carl’s mission is to take his mother’s experience and use it as inspiration to make positive changes in agents’ lives and business.
Training Topics Include:
• Lessons Learned from the Beverly Carter Story
• Efficient Processes = Safer Practices & Time Better Spent
• Examining Personal Marketing for Mixed Messages
• Establishing Safety Partnerships & Accountability

Video Intervention 
Instructor: Philip Becker
In today’s digital age marketing is constantly evolving, especially in the world of real estate. Dramatic change in the way consumers get their information and how they get it is the fuel that drives the evolution. This course will empower agents to effectively utilize video marketing techniques that reach consumers more effectively and create a better consumer experience. Attendees will learn how to assert themselves as hyper-local experts, add value and provide insight in communities and neighborhoods that big data simply can’t. The main objective: learn to use the technology that defines the agent of the future and simplifies the life of the consumer.

The Brokerage of Today
Instructor: Philip Becker
This 90-minute session will discuss opportunities for brokers and teams to create the environment that attracts and retains today’s top-producing agent. We will talk tech, agent offerings, office structure, office design, staff, marketing, community involvement, events and more. Philip will take students through his journey in on-boarding the next generation of successful REALTORS, including how he’s attracted them, created opportunity for them, leveraged them, and retained them.

Secrets of Blue Jean Millionaire Real Estate Investors: How to help your client become one and how to be one yourself
Instructor: Sher Powers 

Life Mapping for Real Estate Investing: Establishing Measurable Goals For Yourself or Your Clients
Instructor: Sher Powers 
This session is a workshop activity that gives hands on practice with tools provided as a companion/ follow up session to Secrets of Blue Jean Millionaire.

Not A Team, Don't Want To Be a Team! Creating a Powerful Niche Reputation for Solo Agents and Micro-Firms 
Instructor: Sher Powers 

Working with the Connected Buyer and Seller
Instructor: Nobu Hata
Technology and constant access to information has shaped the way consumers deal with real estate and the value they see in REALTORS.  Learn consumer trends and how to help buyers and sellers of today and tomorrow navigate the online world of real estate, compel them offline and learn the new value proposition of REALTORS.

Emerging Real Estate Trends, Emerging REALTOR® Value

Instructor: Nobu Hata

EVALUATION - Thursday, 1:45 PM
EVALUATION - Thursday, 1:45 PM
EVALUATION - Friday, 10:15 AM
EVALUATION - Wednesday, 10:45 AM