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Partnership Benefits
Each year, the most prominent group of REALTORS® in Georgia travel to attend the largest events sponsored by GAR. These influential leaders participate in networking opportunities, education sessions and committee meetings designed to effectively catapult them into the future of the ever-changing real estate industry.

Being a Partner to GAR at these events not only expands your business through branding but it also means that you have gone the extra mile to show our members what their business means to you. Your Partnership with GAR is a year-long commitment where we will promote your company as a Partner via various marketing avenues distributed to more than 33,000 REALTORS® around the state.

Partnership Brochure
If you are interested in becoming a Georgia REALTOR® partner, please click here.
Current Partners
A list of our current Partners can be found here.
Partner Now!

To partner now, you may contact: Rebecca DeShazo, Director of Association Services, 678-597-4134,