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2018 Inaugural Continuing Education Sessions

Best Practices in Residential Property Management
Instructor: Dr. Debbie Phillips
A best practice is a specific process that works and creates ideas, options and insights for others. This course will research “best practices and lessons learned” from multi-family developers, owners and management companies that enhance the real estate owner’s goals and objectives.

Video Intervention 
Instructor: Philip Becker
In today’s digital age, marketing is constantly evolving, especially in the world of real estate. Dramatic change in the way consumers get their information is the fuel that drives the evolution. This course will empower agents to effectively utilize video marketing techniques that reach consumers more effectively and create a better consumer experience. Attendees will learn how to assert themselves as hyper-local experts, add value and provide insight in communities and neighborhoods that big data simply can’t. The main objective: learn to use the technology that defines the agent of the future and simplifies the life of the consumer.

The Brokerage of Today
Instructor: Philip Becker
This session will discuss opportunities for brokers and teams to create the environment that attracts and retains today’s top-producing agents. We will talk tech, agent offerings, office structure, office design, staff, marketing, community involvement, events and more. Philip will take students through his journey in on-boarding the next generation of successful REALTORS®, including how he’s attracted them, created opportunity for them, leveraged them, and retained them.

Building a Winning Team (Part 1)                         
Instructor: Craig Wilburn
In Part 1 of “Building a Winning Team,” attendees will acquire a foundational understanding of real estate teams, the value they offer, and the questions to ask to determine if this model is right for you. This session will lay out the basic knowledge and principles needed to start a team that has a future with no limits or boundaries.


Building a Winning Team (Part 2)                         
Instructor: Craig Wilburn
In Part 2 of “Building a Winning Team,” advanced key concepts covered will help the smallest real estate team to become a business with endless possibilities. The session will focus on the importance of developing and maintaining a healthy team culture and how to identify, hire, onboard, and retain “team talent.”

Profiting From Home Performance in Real Estate Transactions
Instructor: Corbett Lunsford
Nothing can hide from performance testing in construction nowadays, and that means both unknown liability and unrealized value added for homebuyers and sellers alike. In this 90-minute session, learn 5 simple practices you can put to use in today’s fast-evolving homes marketplace using performance testing to prove you’ve got your clients’ backs. Understand the new building energy codes, green building certifications, and ways to increase income, client confidence, referrals, and property value.


Ask the Experts: Discussions with NAR Representatives (Panel)
You will not want to miss this informative session presented by NAR President, Elizabeth Mendenhall, NAR VP of Governmental Affairs, Kenny Parcell, and NAR Director of Member Engagement, Nobu Hata as they discuss leadership and how the REALTOR® Party transcends political affiliation in regards to protecting private property rights and homeownership. (no CE)

29 Tools to Create Cool Content
Instructor: Beth Ziesenis
The most popular posts on social media are pictures and videos, and with a few easy tech tools, you can transform your messages into share-worthy graphics that will put your organization out in front. This action-packed session will give you dozens of sites and apps that will help you elevate the quality of your social media posts and other material. You will discover sites that turn quotes into graphics, transform ordinary photos into works of art and create info graphics for little or no cost.

The Fair Housing Act: 50 Years Later (Panel)
Moderated by Craig Coffee, GREC Deputy Commissioner
The panel will discuss what their organizations are doing to bring awareness to Fair Housing, current issues/complaints filed, and progress being observed. We will have a Q&A at the end of this session.
Panelists: Joyce Catrett, Esq., Director of Enforcement Metro Fair Housing Services; Raquel Lavender, 2018 President – National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals – Atlanta Chapter; Andy Peters, Executive Board member – Asian Real Estate Association of America – Atlanta Chapter; Jeffrey Hicks, 2018 President – National Association of Real Estate Brokers; Lamont McLeod, Representing REALTORS® and Consumers with Disabilities”. 

How Do They Do That? Secret Tech Weapons for REALTORS®
Instructor: Beth Ziesenis
What if you could schedule a meeting without having to send three dozen emails to find a time everyone could meet? How about if you could automate all the little tasks that keep you from your real work? Or pass off annoying projects to someone else -- without breaking the bank? And what if you could pull this off straight from your mobile device? Join your nerdy best friend, author Beth Ziesenis, to discover how to use free and bargain technology tools you never knew existed. Work more efficiently with your colleagues, create professional-level graphics and wow your teammates. This high-energy session will give you 30+ tools for improving your life and work, and leave people asking, “How do they do that amazing thing?” for little or no cost.

Commercial Opportunities for Residential Agents
Instructor: Ed Riggins 
There are at least five times as many licensees serving residential clients as those serving commercial clients. Yet as they work to meet the housing needs of their clients, residential real estate professionals occasionally encounter business executives who could benefit from the expertise of commercial real estate professionals. Opportunities are often overlooked. Professional ethics require that these potential commercial real estate clients be either served well by the originating agent or connected to trained specialists who can address their specific requirements. This program offers a strategy for making these connections and capitalizing on these opportunities.

2018 Georgia REALTORS®’ Contract Changes
Instructor: Seth Weissman
When it comes time to fill out contract forms, you need to know what you and your client are signing. Attend this course to learn why changes were made and how they benefit you and your clients. You will leave this session with confidence and knowledge about the revisions to the 2018 Georgia REALTORS® contracts.

Emerging Real Estate Trends, Emerging REALTOR® Value
Instructor: Nobu Hata
Join NAR’s Director of Digital Engagement to explore real estate trends that are on the horizon, and how REALTORS® should prepare to communicate their value proposition to consumers through these changes. 


GREC-Required Student Notice



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