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2017 Inaugural Continuing Education Sessions

Apply ICE: Build Your Business with the Incredible Customer Experience 
Instructor Karel Murray 
Rapidly shifting attitudes, loyalties, and expectations need to be met with solid service - online AND face-to-face.
You need ICE! Make your customer service remarkable; provide the incredible client experience that today’s marketplace demands. In this interactive session, you will learn how to evaluate your business processes and then plan a sure-footed path to consumer confidence, trust, and enthusiasm about the “cool” services you offer.
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Join Karel Murray, CSP, and find out how ICE can heat up your business. 

Negotiate with Confidence: Get Results When Interests Collide
Instructor Karel Murray
Whenever you want something, you begin the negotiation process. Often, a genuine fear develops of even entering into the simplest of negotiation situations. Attend this session and boost your confidence by learning the fundamentals of the negotiation process and applying a new approach. Gear up for a highly interactive presentation and gain new ways to identify behavior styles, options, interests, leverage, and communication methods that can make or break a negotiation. Attain new skills and get the results you want. 

Get Your Geek On: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You
Instructor Trista Curzydlo
Today's consumers and practitioners expect relevant information to be provided to them with a click of a button or a swipe of their finger. Think only huge companies are at risk of a data breach? Think again. As the practice of real estate becomes a more digital experience, it's important that you understand and manage the risks. Security experts estimate that 70 percent of data breaches occur in companies with fewer than 100 employees. Cloud computing and cloud storage, e-mail communication, mobile devices and social media can all make your real estate business more efficient, but they also can create havoc if not used and protected properly. This course will also address the increased potential for real estate professionals to run afoul of intellectual property laws and how every practitioner can develop risk reduction techniques, regardless of tech savvy. 

Put an Attorney Out of Business
Instructor Trista Curzydlo
Does anyone ever plan on becoming a felon? Failing to create a plan for your real estate practice can land you in big trouble. RESPA, fair housing and anti-trust are topics most real estate licensees have heard about before, but never like this! Trista breathes new life into these subjects by providing current case studies of violations and working with attendees to develop risk management techniques that can be immediately implemented. 


Best Kept Secrets:  Questions Buyers, Sellers, and Agents Should be Asking (and Answering) About Community Associations
Instructor Jamie Lyons
Unlock the secrets about condominiums and homeowner associations that create the most pre- and post- closing problems for buyers and sellers.  In this class, we will talk about real issues and how to solve them including how to determine if a home is part of a voluntary or mandatory association, covenant violations, condo insurance, and even parking space assignments. Use the information in this class to create a community association checklist, so you and your clients never get caught by surprise!


2017 Georgia REALTORS® Contracts
When it comes time to fill out contract forms, you need to know what you and your client are signing. Attend this course to learn why changes were made and how they benefit you and your clients. You will leave this session with confidence and knowledge about the revisions to the 2017 Georgia REALTORS® contracts.


REALTORS® Say the Darndest Things: The Best of the GAR Legal Helpline
Instructor: Seth Weissman 
In this session, GAR general counsel Seth Weissman will review some of the hardest and most interesting questions REALTORS® have asked since the inception of GAR’s Legal Helpline. This session presents a great opportunity to learn what your colleagues are asking about via the Legal Helpline and to get answers to some of the most difficult questions that are posed frequently.

Crushing Your Competition at the Listing Table
Instructor: Sasha Farmer

Attend this session to acquire the most effective marketing tools and tips for securing and selling listings quickly. Discover simple processes for developing a scalable full-listing marketing plan, explore how to stand out among competitors, and identify ways to create a first-class client follow-up and appreciation plan.


Connect & Engage with Facebook Live

Instructor Marki Lemons Ryhal

Do you want to stream live video from your upcoming open house or provide video content for consumers? Are you looking to increase your engagement and get more eyes on you and your organization? Look no further! A 2016 survey by the Web Marketing Video Council found that 61 percent of businesses are using video as a marketing tool. In the previous year, 66 percent of those businesses were not using video at all. Social networks favor video in their algorithms because this rich content is favored by users. Attend this session to learn how to integrate this new tech tool into your business.



The Business of Linkedin

Instructor Marki Lemons Ryhal

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network online, with over 450 million users. A strong LinkedIn presence for you and your company gives you the opportunity to network globally, connect, and grow your business. Attend this session to learn how to enhance your profile and grow your business through this professional networking platform.


R-P-A-C! Find out What it Means to Me!
Instructor Leslie Kopel
This session will provide attendees with a general overview of RPAC (REALTORS® Political Action Committee).  Topics include what RPAC is and why investing matters, RPAC operations on the local/state/national levels, methods of investing, investment levels and an introduction to RPAC fundraising.  This class is intended to give new local board leaders, incoming RPAC chairs and new association staff a basic knowledge of RPAC and why it is the cornerstone of the REALTOR® Association.


Getting in Gear – Business & Goal Setting
Instructor Adorna Carroll
Join us for an exciting session that will get you - and your business - started on the right foot in 2017!



Limiting the Broker’s Legal Liability from Commission and Litigation

Instructor Seth Weissman

Every real estate transaction presents potential legal pitfalls. What is the brokers’ duty and how can you limit your legal liability? In this session, you will review the most common claims against brokers and learn how to avoid them. 



Property Management Jeopardy – Laws & Changes that Property Managers Need to Know
Instructor Mike Nelson With recent Supreme Court decisions modifying Fair Housing law, and other related changes in the property management industry, property managers are facing more Jeopardy than ever before.  Come find out what has changed and best practices to help you minimize the landlord's and the property manager's liability



The Four Anchors of Leadership

Instructor Sharon Frame

To Own, To Love, To Learn, To Give:

Ownership: Take full responsibility and ownership for your life. In so doing you always have control. So, if, at any point, you are miserable or unhappy with life you have the power to change or fix it.

Relationship: Develop healthy relationships that nurture self-love, not self-loath. Embrace divine awareness, strong connection with God and self to reject toxic traps and, instead, foster strong, nourishing, positive relationships with others.

Scholarship: Seek ways to constantly learn, to stretch, self- develop. Grow intellectually, socially, financially, spiritually.

 Stewardship: Create an appetite for being a joyful giver. Be charitable, always give back, tithe, mentor, lift as you climb, contribute to making the world a better place.



7 Lessons from 7 Marathons on 7 Continents

Instructor Matt Jones

Discover the seven lessons three-time cancer conqueror Matt Jones learned from completing seven marathons on seven continents after relearning how to walk. You will learn principles that leaders can use to empower, energize, and inspire themselves in order to do the same for consumers they lead in real estate transactions.

These lessons will inspire you in the marathon of Real Estate.