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GAR's 2020 Proposed Slate of Officers
22 May 2019 -
The 2020 GAR Proposed Slate is as follows:
  • Dorrie Love, President-Elect
  • Jim Barner, Vice President
  • Lisa Scully, Vice President
  • Joey Tucker, Vice President
  • Stephen Walker, Vice President
  • Brent Ellis, Region 1 Director
  • Joan Shanks, Region 2 Director
  • Regenia Andrews, Region 6 Director
  • Jimmy Whaley, Region 7 Director
  • Donna Davis, Region 9 Director
  • Michael Faulkner, NAR Director, 3-year term
  • Jo Kenney, NAR Director, 2-year term
  • Ryan Brashear, NAR Director, 2-year term
  • Dana Bauguss, NAR Director, 2-year term
  • Arlene Davis, 1st Alternate, NAR Director
  • Lisa Scully, 2nd Alternate, NAR Director
  • Stephen Walker, 3rd Alternate, NAR Director
  • Bob Espy, 4th Alternate, NAR Director
The 2022 NAR Regional Vice President nominee selected is:
  • Ryan Brashear

If you would like more information on the Nominating process, please contact Christy Conway,

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