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Steps for Filing an Ethics Complaint
1. Make sure that the person you are filing against is a REALTOR®. Please call the Georgia Association of REALTORS® at 770-451-1831 to find out. If the person you would like to file a complaint against is not a REALTOR®, you must contact the Georgia Real Estate Commission at 404-656-3916.

2. If the person is a REALTOR®, make sure that you file the Ethics complaint with the appropriate Board/Association. The participating Boards/Associations that have signed the Statewide Professional Standards agreement are listed on this website under “Participating Boards/Associations”.

3. If the REALTOR® you would like to file an Ethics Complaint against is not a member of one of the participating Boards/Associations, please contact that Board/Association directly to file an Ethics Complaint.

4. Once you have established the Ethics Complaint needs to be filed with the Georgia Association of REALTORS®, please read:
Before You File an Ethics Complaint

Code of Ethics 

Print the E1 Ethics Complaint Form

5. Complete Form E-1. You are the complainant and the REALTOR® that you are filing the complaint against is the respondent. You must write in the Article or Articles of the Code of the Code of Ethics you think have been violated. Please provide all of your contact information that is listed on Form E-1.

6. You must also write a detailed description of the events and send in any documentation that is relevant to your complaint.

7. To file the complaint, please send in Form E-1, your detailed description and any documentation that is relevant to your complaint. You may mail this information to the Georgia Association of REALTORS®, 6065 Barfield Road, Atlanta, GA 30328.

8. If the circumstances giving rise to this ethics complaint involve civil or criminal litigation or are in any proceeding before the Georgia Real Estate Commission or any other state or federal regulatory or administrative agency, the complaint may be held in abeyance until these matters have been resolved.

9. Once your Ethics complaint has been received, you will be notified by email. The Georgia Association of REALTORS® has two scheduled Grievance meetings per month. You will be notified of their findings and the next step in the process within 48 hours of their meeting being held.

10. Again, if you have any questions, please contact Christina Chow, Director of Legal Affairs at 678-597-4128.

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