Your GAR Membership... It Adds Up!

Georgia REALTORS® get a substantial return on investment when paying REALTOR® association dues - checkout the list below which compares a few of GAR's member benefits that is included in your GAR dues* versus the price paid for each of these benefits and/or services by non-members.

Benefit  GAR Members Non-Members 
 Contract Forms  Included in dues $224.00
 Monthly Housing Indicators  Included in dues $149.00
 Georgia REALTOR® Magazine  Included in dues $25.00
 Legal Helpline  Included in dues $200.00
 Annual Value  

*When you join the REALTOR® association, you pay dues for your local board/association, your state association (GAR) and your national association (National Association of REALTORS®). GAR dues for 2016 are $98.00, and NAR dues are $155.00. Local board dues vary with each board/association.

**Hourly rates for specific real estate expertise range from $200-$600 per hour. GAR members are entitled to unlimited access to our Legal Helpline throughout the year, free of charge.

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