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REALTORS® on the Road

When it’s time to renew your vehicle registration – consider purchasing the REALTOR® license plate!

In January 2020, GAR will mark our 100 year anniversary. We have a variety of celebrations and promotions being planned throughout the year to commemorate this remarkable milestone, and we want to take the opportunity to show all of Georgia what we have done for homeownership and property rights over the last century. Leading up to our anniversary, we would like for the REALTOR® logo to be more visible than ever. So we are asking Georgia REALTORS® to consider purchasing a REALTOR® license plate when you renew your vehicle registration in the coming year. 


How to order your REALTOR® license plate
The license plate is sold at all offices of the Georgia Department of Revenue (https://dor.georgia.gov/motor-vehicle-titles-and-registration). To view the plate, visit the DOR site, select “Specialty/Prestige License Plates,” and on the next page select “Order Specialty/Prestige License Plates.” On the next page, click on the “Specialty license plate” link in the first paragraph, and then on the next page, click on “Special Interest – Apply Thru County Tag Office – Issuing.” You will get a pull-down menu of all specialty tags that Georgia offers. Be sure to select the Georgia Association of REALTORS® plate when you apply.

Cost of the plate
Vehicle owners must pay a one-time manufacturing fee of $25, an annual registration fee of $20 and an annual special tag fee of $35. So you will pay a total of $80 for the initial purchase, and $55 each year after. 

Who may purchase the plate?
Only active REALTOR® members of the Georgia REALTORS® are authorized to purchase the plate. The plate is not available to other member classes of the association, and real estate agents and brokers who are not GAR members are not eligible to purchase the plate.

Show Them. Tell Them.
Display your REALTOR® R with Pride!

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