Agent Alert: Suspicious Man at Open House

Warning: Graphic content

A GAR member recently reported the following incident that took place in the Druid Hills neighborhood in Atlanta.

The REALTOR® held an open house the weekend of September 7. As the REALTOR® was closing up, a man entered the house and blocked THE REALTOR®’s path to exit. The REALTOR® asked the man to leave, and the man then began masturbating while continuing to talk. The man then asked the REALTOR® to follow him upstairs but exited when the REALTOR® threatened to call the police. The REALTOR® reports that the man went by the name of Bryan, was Caucasian, approximately 5’9 and 60 years old, with “salt and pepper” hair. He wore a polo shirt and khaki pants and drove an older model black car, possibly a Honda. The REALTOR® also reported that he seemed incoherent at times. However, the man did know the REALTOR®’s name and specific details about the home, so the REALTOR® believes he had seen an ad for the open house and intentionally targeted that REALTOR®/home – this was not someone wandering in from the street.

If you encounter this individual or anyone like him, please call 911.

Once you have dealt with the police, please notify your local REALTOR® board/association of the incident, so that we may get the word out to all of our members.

September is REALTOR® Safety month, and this situation is a reminder that all brokerages and teams should make it a priority to review their safety practices. Please visit GAR’s Safety page as well as NAR’s Field Guide to Safety for more information. Additionally, GAR offers several Safety classes throughout the year. Click here to visit our education calendar and type “safety” in the search field on the right hand side of the page to see our current offerings.