Ballot Questions

With October 12, 2020, being the first day for in-person, early voting, we have had questions come in over the weekend regarding two of the three state-wide ballot questions.

1)  Constitutional Amendment 2 pertains to sovereign immunity.  Currently, if a citizen wishes to sue state, or local government, that specific entity being sued has to agree to be sued, or the citizen must go through the federal court system. Simply put, should this amendment pass, a citizen will be able to sue that government entity in superior court without the entity having to agree.  In other words, if a local government passes an ordinance that infringes upon a citizens constitutional rights, that citizen would now be able to bring suit in Superior Court to stop that particular ordinance.  The Resolution that put this question on the ballot was a priority piece of legislation, supported by the Georgia REALTORS® this past session.

2)  The next ballot question is a referendum regarding 501(c)3 Charity Exemptions.  This referendum would provide ad valorem tax exemption on property held by a 501(c)3 entity and being constructed, or repaired for single family use, and to be financed by that entity using a zero-interest loan.  This applies to entities like Habitat for Humanity.