What is your biggest real estate accomplishment to date?

I feel like every single transaction is a huge accomplishment. One of the greatest things about our business is that every client is unique, every home is unique, and every process is unique. So I’m not sure I can say there is any one biggest accomplishment. Serving the families I’ve served over the past three years, that has been my biggest accomplishment in all of my professional life!

Why did you decide to become a member of YPN?

When I first became a REALTOR®, there were two dynamite women in my office who were the YPN Chair and Co-Chair of our board. I looked up to them (and still do) that I opted to join YPN to learn more from them.

What is a piece of advice you have for fellow YPN members?

Get involved. YPN does a lot of fun things, but we’re also the future leaders of our boards. We have an incredible opportunity through YPN to learn from successful, established agents in our market. We also have the opportunity to make an impact on our communities, not only through helping them in their transactions, but by being involved in community service, RPAC, and by networking with other top industry professionals.

What has been the biggest benefit from being a member of the Georgia REALTORS® Young Professionals Network?

This is twofold for me. The business related answer is that I’ve had the great fortune of making professional relationships that help me serve my clients. Other agents, lenders, closing attorneys…you name it, I have people from all across Atlanta I know I can call for help! The second part of my answer is more personal. I have met one of the dearest friends I’ve ever had through YPN. Had I not gotten involved, that never would have happened! I’m grateful to YPN for its role in my growth, both as a REALTOR® and as a human being.