GARE Health Benefits Center

The Georgia Real Estate Health Benefits Center is LIVE!

The GARE Health Benefits Center is now open for quoting year-round, with effective dates at the first of every month. 

The Georgia Real Estate Health Benefits Center is provided exclusively to GAR members. Complete your enrollment by the 15th of each month and get onto the plan as early the 1st of the next month.

NEW in 2021: Dental, vision, accident, critical illness and hospital indemnity!

It’s no secret that health insurance premiums keep increasing year over year, far outpacing any increases in wages. These increases are particularly painful to individuals; sole proprietors and contractors, who don’t benefit from a larger pool of insured, nor from an employer who would bear some of the cost. And yet the risks of going without insurance are just too high, particularly in an age of pandemic.

The Georgia Real Estate Health Benefits Center harnesses the size and scale of the 47,000 members of Georgia REALTORS® to lock in savings for members and their families in good health. The available plans may help individuals save significantly versus those found on the ACA Exchange or private insurance market. Additionally, GARE Health Benefits program insurance premiums and deductibles are tax deductible*.

This program is for sole proprietors, business owners or 1099 contractors and their families. Applicants will need to answer a few health questions to qualify and a tax id (FEIN) to enroll. Qualifying is a quick process – click here to get started, and to view our new products launched in September 2021.

*Be sure to discuss potential tax benefits for your specific business structure with your tax advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you able to offer such great rates?  Georgia Real Estate Health Benefits Center harnesses the size and scale of the 44,000 members of Georgia REALTORS® to lock in savings for members and their families in good health.

Who qualifies for this program?  Business Owners, Sole Proprietors, Independent Contractors and their families are eligible to participate in this program. Employees  are not eligible for this program, unless they are also independent contractors; they should apply separately. Please Note: To be eligible for this program you must have a legal business entity in the form of a Tax ID. If you do not have one click here for more information. This allows you to participate as an ‘employer of one’, which is a requirement of the plan.

How is this plan different from other insurance plans? The GARE Health plan is a captive insurance program. This means as an insured member you have ownership in the program. Members self-insure their healthcare costs up to a pre-established level. If claims are low the savings goes toward the program – resulting in potential saving for the next coverage year. If claims are high, the program is protected by “stop-loss insurance”.  Stop-loss coverage caps your maximum exposure. Part of your monthly payment includes stop-loss insurance.

What does my payment include? Each month you make a payment that covers the fixed costs of your plan: The health insurance premium, stop-loss insurance, technology, administrative and sales fees. This monthly payment is fixed for the full year . 

What is my commitment?  Your commitment to the program is for the full coverage year.  When you enroll, you will need to complete and return the following documents: medical reimbursement, joiner agreement and plan document. 

How do I get started? Links for enrollment will go live the week of November 30.