AGENT ALERT: Individual Posing as Luxury Buyer with Fraudulent Documents

Agents with luxury listings should be advised that a male in his 20’s who claims to be a famous musician is presenting false documents – including proof of funds, proof of wire transfers, and an address on his driver’s license of a home in a prominent subdivision that he does not own – to agents in Georgia and California, in order to get repeated access to luxury properties. This individual’s pattern is to make an offer, show “proof” of the wire transfer, and funds never arrive to the closing attorney’s office. Meanwhile, he is requesting access to the properties, bringing guests, and even posting these visits on social media representing himself as the owner of the property. At one property, he spent a total of 27 hours in eight visits.

After some investigation, it has been revealed that this individual has multiple felony charges against him for theft, theft by deception, and check fraud. However, due to the fact that he has not been charged with crimes in the scenarios that we have heard of, we are not at liberty to share any more identifying information.

Please be advised to diligently check proof of funds and to ensure addresses and information given align with the legal information available in government records for potential buyers.