Calls for Action

Calls-for-Action (CFA) are an essential advocacy tool used to ensure the REALTOR® voice is heard at the state and federal level.

CFAs are launched when legislators are considering legislation that directly impacts the real estate industry. Members will receive initial CFA notification via email and Mobile Text Alerts. As determined by NAR’s REALTOR® Party Member Involvement Committee (RPMIC), GAR has a statewide 20 percent CFA participation rate we strive to reach each time a CFA is issued. By responding to a REALTOR® Call-for-Action, you’re submitting a direct message to your representative that will unite with the collective voice of REALTORS® across the nation. When a CFA launches, we want local boards and associations to do 4 things to help us reach our participation goal:

  1. Deliver a CFA email to board membership
  2. Post to Facebook and Twitter
  3. Advertise in the board’s newsletter and on website
  4. Promote awareness at local membership meetings

Promoting a CFA is a great way for local boards to satisfy the advocacy requirement of NAR’s Core Standards.

National Calls-for-Action

  • There are no active national Calls-for-Action at this time.

State Calls-for-Action

  • There are no active state Calls-for-Action at this time.