Strategic Plan

Georgia REALTORS® Mission:
Empowering our members for success and enhancing our communities.


Maintain the position of being Georgia’s premier advocate for private property rights, free enterprise, and the real estate community.

[A] ECONOMIC: Pursue sound economic policy so that Georgia’s communities continue to grow and thrive.

[B] ENGAGEMENT: Educate members to engage, support, promote, and become REALTOR® Champions.

[C] HOUSING: Lead public policy initiatives that positively impact Georgia’s housing needs.

[D] INFLUENCE AND IMPACT: Empower local Boards and leaders to leverage state resources to the benefit of their members, communities, and government relations.


Enhancing communities through real estate, support, services, and inclusion.

[A] BRANDING: Ensure that members know the value of the REALTOR® brand, benefits, and how they enhance their business.

[B] CONSUMER AWARENESS: Promote the knowledge, professionalism, and advantages of using a REALTOR® in transactions.

[C] INCLUSION: Identify ways to promote IDEA —Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Action — within the membership and communities.

[D] OUTREACH: Promote the role and preparedness of the association and REALTORS® in responding to disaster relief. Recognize members’ commitment to and service in their communities.


Challenge and inspire our members to achieve success through learning opportunities that enhance professionalism, integrity, and ethics.

[A] ENGAGEMENT: Prioritize inclusion and be proactive in outreach efforts providing educational opportunities.

[B] INNOVATION: Be the thought leaders to identify, respond, and educate members on breakthroughs and paradigm changes within the real estate industry.

[C] INSTRUCTORS: Maintain the protocols essential to sustain the highest levels of available educational instructors.

[D] PROFESSIONAL STANDING: Increase access to designations and certifications to help REALTORS® stand apart.


Through education and awareness, reduce risks in real estate processes and the association structure.

[A] FORMS: Develop and provide forms to address current market trends that protect real estate licensees.

[B] GOVERNANCE: Protect the Association by ensuring that REALTOR® volunteers understand their fiduciary responsibilities.

[C] PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS: Educate REALTORS® and elevate the REALTOR® brand through the Code of Ethics.

[D] RISK MANAGEMENT: Monitor real estate trends and processes to identify and mitigate potential liabilities.