Grants & Request Forms

The Governmental Affairs Department aims to assist local boards and associations in utilizing grants and resources provided through GAR and NAR. Making use of funds available through RPAC, RIAC, and NAR’s REALTOR® Party Programs enables REALTORS® to effectively increase their involvement in shaping the community, as well as the political process. If your local board wishes to increase community involvement, support a pro-REALTOR® candidate, or support or oppose a local issue or land use initiative, we encourage your board to contact our department for assistance in submitting the designated application.

GAR Forms

To apply for funds from either RPAC or RIAC, please complete the appropriate application(s) and include all required signatures. All forms should be submitted to the Governmental Affairs Department via email ( Ultimate approval for the disbursement of funds is determined by the committee members of RPAC and RIAC.

REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC)

REALTOR® Issues Action Committee (RIAC)

REALTOR® Party Programs

Local boards and associations can satisfy the advocacy and consumer outreach requirements of the mandatory Core Standards by utilizing the programs, tools and services listed below. For complete information, view the REALTOR® Party Resource Guide.

Community Programs and Resources

Political Programs and Resources

For additional information, questions, or assistance with an application(s), please contact a member of the Governmental Affairs staff individually or at