College Scholarships

The Georgia REALTORS® are excited to offer $1,000 undergraduate college scholarships for students majoring in a real estate or related degree. One new scholarship recipient will be selected for each school year. Once awarded, the scholarship is renewable for up to three times for a maximum of four scholarships.

Please read the criteria below, complete the application and email back to the Scholarship Foundation,, for consideration. The application deadline is April 5 each year for the following school year. (A school year is defined as August 1 through July 31.)

  • The scholarship is available to any full-time undergraduate student attending an accredited university in the state of Georgia (private or state) majoring in real estate or a real estate-related field.
  • One new applicant will be awarded a scholarship the upcoming school year (August 1 through July 31) in the amount of $1,000. The scholarship is renewable for up to three times for a maximum of four scholarships.
  • The applicant must be enrolled in college or officially going to begin college the upcoming school year (of August 1 through July 31) to apply but does not have to be a freshman.
  • All applicants will be screened and selected by the Scholarship Committee Trustees.
  • Scholarships may be used for tuition, fees, meal plan, dorm fees and other directly-related school expenses. Scholarship funds cannot be used for travel or off-campus living expenses.
Application Requirements

The application must include the following:

  • Award(s) documentation, if any
  • If a high school student in the past five (5) years, provide a certified copy of your high school transcripts via email to
    The transcripts must be emailed from:
    –  Your school counseling department,
    – You provided each page of the transcripts is signed by your guidance counselor.
  • If not a high school student in the past five (5) years, attach a résumé of your past five (5) years of academic and/employment history.
  • A 500-600 word essay to summarize college and career plans in addition to why the applicant feels deserving of the scholarship, and
  • Two letters of recommendation; one from a teacher/professor and one from a non-family member. Letters must be signed and include contact information of the person making the recommendation.
renew a scholarship

To renew a scholarship, the student must:

  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher on a 4.0 scale,
  • Provide current transcripts documenting GPA and current major, and
  • Submit the renewal request form. Click here to download.

If the College Scholarship Awardee became ineligible for any reason and, therefore, did not receive the scholarship, the scholarship is forfeited. That former Awardee may apply for the scholarship as a new applicant.

change of major

A change of major prior to the start of a school year (August 1) will result in the loss of the scholarship effective immediately. Changes made during a school year will result in loss of the scholarship effective the following school year (August 1 through July 31).

Other Considerations

  • Priority will be given to Georgia REALTOR® relatives.
  • Real estate-related degrees could include Finance, Business, Law, etc.,  subject to the discretion of the Scholarship Trustees and dependent upon what career the applicant intends to pursue with the degree.
  • Scholarships will be awarded without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, familial status, handicap, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
  • The complete application package must be emailed to by the deadline date. Late applications will not be considered.
Other Information

The scholarship recipient should provide the specific information as to whom the award should be paid and to where it should be mailed so that the school can apply the award directly to the student’s bill.

The scholarship recipient must be willing to have his/her name and picture in GAR-authorized materials (print, digital, etc.) including a presentation of the award, picture and/or article.

GAR College Scholarship Application

Right click THIS LINK and select ‘Save Target As…’ or ‘Save Link As…’ to download the College Scholarship application. Fill it in, save, and send to by the deadline date. Completed application and all related documents must be received by the college scholarship application deadline date.