New Instructor and/or Course Applications

Thank you for your interest in becoming an instructor and submitting courses to our Partners in Education Program.

Before completing any forms and applying to become an instructor and/or submit your course for consideration, please read the INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION SHEET.

To be considered to become an approved GAR Partners in Education instructor, email an instructor application along with a course application to the Professional Development Department at pie@garealtor.com. Instructor applications without an accompanying course application will not be considered.

For a brief summary of how our Partners in  Education Program works, click here.

For the 2019-20 Professional Development Committee year, instructor and/or course application submission deadlines are as follows: 

  • December 4, 2019
  • February 26, 2020
  • May 19, 2020
  • August 12, 2020

The Professional Development Committee meets approximately two weeks after the above application submission deadline dates. Instructors will be notified once decisions have been made by the Professional Development Committee.


Complete the INSTRUCTOR APPLICATION and email to pie@garealtor.com with the following additional information:

  • Current bio (one or two paragraphs in Word), 
  • Your photo (saved as a jpeg), 
  • A course application (see below), and 
  • Documentation that you have satisfied ONE of the following requirements:    
  1. Hold an active instructor license from the Georgia Real Estate Commission or Georgia Real Estate Appraiser’s Board, OR
  2. Complete all four (4) modules of the online instructor development courses developed by Carmel Streater, PhD, DREI, within the four (4) years prior to application (click here), OR
  3. Complete any other instructor training class as approved by the Professional Development Committee, OR
  4. Complete the Georgia Instructor Training (GIT) workshop within the four (4) years prior to application.  (For information on the GIT, please visit the following link: www.grec-git.com.), OR
  5. Provide evidence of teaching at least four (4) classes involving a minimum of twelve (12) hours within the six (6) months prior to application or at least ten (10) classes involving a minimum of thirty (30) hours within the twelve (12) months prior to application.  Classes must be approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission or Georgia Real Estate Appraiser’s Board, OR
  6. Provide evidence of at least twenty-five (25) hours of platform presentation within the six (6) months prior to application or at least sixty (60) hours of platform presentation within the twelve (12) months prior to application.

Your application will not be submitted to the Professional Development Committee for consideration until all the above requirements have been met.

Once your application is complete, the Professional Development Committee will make the final decision as to whether you will become a GAR-approved instructor, eligible to teach through our school.

If you are approved as a GAR Partners in Education instructor, the Professional Development Committee will then consider your course application (see below).

If you are approved as a Partners in Education (PIE) instructor, you will be a provisional instructor until you have taught at least (3) PIE class sessions and earn a combined average evaluation grade of three (3) or higher within eighteen (18) months of your approval.


To submit a course for consideration by the Professional Development Committee, you must be an approved Partners in Education instructor (see above), and you must complete and submit all of the following to pie@garealtor.com:

  3. PROPER COURSE OBJECTIVES (minimum of one objective per hour of instruction), AND 
  4. A timed outline, AND
  5. All class materials, including the presentation (for example, a PowerPoint presentation), AND the handout. For the handout, please keep in mind that the Class Sponsor makes a copy for each student. Therefore, please try to keep the number of pages in the handout to a minimum. We prefer not to use your presentation as a handout. If you want students to have a copy of your presentation, they may request it from you via email (or any other method you prefer) after the class. 
  6. Links to videos – if any used in class.

You may also send us a short, course-specific video link. If the course is approved, the video link will be a part of your course description in our online course catalog.

If the course you are submitting has been approved for Georgia CE Credit through another GREC-approved school, please provide us with the following:

  1. School name,
  2. GREC school number, and
  3. GREC course code.


If you have any questions, please contact the Professional Development Department at PIE@garealtor.com, 678-597-4135.