Key Contacts Program

Key Contacts (KC) are a significant component of the foundation that supports GAR’s grassroots.  Key Contacts allow representatives or senators to associate a familiar face and local identity with the issue being discussed, reinforcing the REALTOR® message on a more personal level. The Key Contact Program (KCP) is grounded in the mutual self-interest of the legislator, our members, and their constituent-customers. The Governmental Affairs Department is constantly working to identify members that have established relations with state legislators to grow a more robust KCP. If you’d like to know more or have an interest in joining the program, please contact Brad Mock at

What is a Key Contact?

A REALTOR® who has a personal or professional relationship with an elected official.  The relationship is one in which the REALTOR® has a direct channel of communication with the legislator that will allow for a candid conversation to take place regarding a public policy issue or initiative monitored by GAR. The primary role of a Key Contact is to serve as the “voice for real estate” by communicating the Georgia REALTORS’® agenda to the legislator with whom the member has a relationship.

What are the responsibilities of a Key Contact?

If there is a piece of legislation that GAR supports or opposes that involves the Key Contact’s designated legislator(s), GAR will ask the KC to make contact on behalf of the Association to convey the REALTOR® perspective. GAR will provide talking points beforehand and guidelines as to what the specific request is that we’re asking the KC to relay to the legislator, (i.e., vote “yes” or “no” in committee or on a floor vote, sign on to a letter, co-sponsor a bill, etc.). Occasionally, the Key Contact may be asked to attend an RPAC check delivery if available. Below are additional ways a Key Contact can be involved to go above and beyond:

  • Place a personal phone call to the legislator when a major issue arises
  • Participate in Legislative Day at the Capitol during GAR’s Inaugural and Legislative Conference
  • If available, attend an RPAC check presentation
  • Attend GAR’s State & Local Government Affairs meetings during session
  • Attend local events or town hall meetings hosted by the legislator
  • Sign up for GAR’s Legislative Newsletter for updates on current issues
  • “Like” the legislator’s Facebook page and follow on Twitter to receive social media updates
  • Respond to all NAR and GAR Calls-for-Action
Keep GAR informed of Key Contact interactions

When a Key Contact has an interaction with their designated legislator(s) and a REALTOR® issue is discussed, we ask that the Key Contact tell us about it.

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How do I join the Key Contact Program?

Joining the Key Contact Program (KCP) is simple! To do so, email Brad Mock at Indicate in the email which member(s) of the Georgia House or Senate (or other elected official) with whom you are affiliated and what type of relationship you have – whether professional, personal, or minimal.