GAR Supports Hate Crimes Legislation

On Thursday, June 11, GAR signed a coalition letter urging the Georgia General Assembly to pass a hate crimes bill in Georgia. We feel that supporting a hate crimes bill is an appropriate and necessary step toward equality and fairness for all citizens throughout our state. Click here to read a copy of HB426..

In signing this coalition letter, GAR joins a variety of businesses and organizations who support this measure, including REALTOR®-affiliated companies Colliers International and Cushman & Wakefield. Additional supporters include real estate and housing affiliated companies and organizations, such as PulteGroup, Capital City Homes Loans, Council for Quality Growth, Gas South, and Zillow.

We urge our local boards and our member companies to consider supporting this measure. Please click on “Link to Coalition Letter” below to view the letter in its entirety and to add your board, association, or company to the growing list of those who will not stand for hate in Georgia.


Additionally, on Friday, June 12, GAR leaders sent our own letter in support of this legislation. Click here to view the letter in its entirety. As this letter states, we believe that in order to make our state even stronger, we must ensure justice for all, with the promise that crimes based on bias or prejudice are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


 A hate crimes law provides enhanced penalties for bias crimes committed against someone simply because of who they are. Hate crimes demand a unique response because they have a unique emotional and psychological impact on both the victim and the victim’s community. Hate crimes include acts of anti-Semitism, racism, homophobia, or other forms of bigotry. These prejudices cannot be made illegal, but we can improve hate crimes penalties.